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Cloud Computing Company in Houston 

To effectively run a business, you must ensure that your employees and staff have all the tools they need to perform their jobs correctly. When it comes to making sure that your company's computers have the applications and licensing your employees need to complete their day-to-day tasks, you can easily become overwhelmed. MBS offers a solution for just this type of situation: cloud computing.

In Houston, we work with small and mid-sized businesses to create web-based servers that are capable of holding all of the applications and programs needed to perform daily operations accurately and efficiently. This innovative system allows you to forget about software and software license purchases, and provides more time for you to focus on other responsibilities that need your attention.

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Cloud Storage Backup

MBS helps businesses set up secure cloud servers that act as backup and data systems. Because these servers don't exist in a physical sense, they can easily be scaled up and down to fit your individual needs as they change. Just as with real server hardware, you can store all of your programs and data, as well as recover this information when needed. With our cloud storage backup for Houston and the nearby areas, you can take advantage of all of the following benefits:

 Secure Access
 Virtual Server
 Data Protection
 Network Management

 Virtual Desktop
 Email Filtering
 Backup Recovery
 Cloud Services

 Reactive Support
 Disaster Recovery
 Remote IT Department
 Scalability and Speed
 Access Anywhere, Anytime
 IT Department Available 24/7

Save With Secure Cloud Storage

 Technology Infrastructure—Minimal Upfront Spending Needing for Easy Access and Recovery of Information 
 Internal Resources—No in-House Maintenance Required for These Web-Based Solutions
 Capital Costs—Hardware, Software and Licensing Fees Become a Thing of the Past
 Energy Bill—Less Running Hardware on-Site Means Lower Electrical Costs

Virtual Server with Desktop Assistance and Tech Support

With standard computer networks, you are limited to accessing only programs and applications through the individual devices connected to the network. By upgrading your network to utilize a virtual server, you can access any information on the network using web-based programs. This added convenience will save you time when sharing information among employees, and expedite your ability to make informed decisions.

You also receive unparalleled tech support with our virtual server. Since you can access the network using remote devices, you can also request support using the same methods. Your network information is securely located in a cloud program, which means we can quickly identify the nature of your IT needs by accessing the cloud program directly. This provides a customized level of tech support that is unavailable with standard computer networks. We know that time is money in the business world, and we strive to provide the fastest IT solutions possible.

Get the Most out of Your Virtual Machine

The purpose of computer networks is to connect individual hardware so that the users may share information immediately. Our virtual machine, a computer connected to a virtual server, vastly improves upon the limitations encountered with standard networks. With a virtual machine, everyone in your company can utilize the same applications and programs simultaneously. Now you can move all of the important information from a single computer to the network, which means you no longer have to run every program from individual devices and computers.

With the virtual capabilities from our IT company, you receive customized support whenever you need it. We can even handle every phase of the set-up stage for your network, making it fast and easy for you to access the programs you depend on most. Allowing our IT expert to set up your network also enhances the overall security of your system. We make it simple for you to utilize the programs you need in the most efficient way possible. If you ever require assistance or have questions, we also offer 24/7 tech support.

Secure Server for Houston Businesses in Harris County

Not only does MBS offer easy and instant access to cloud storage, but we also offer Houston businesses backup servers that are guaranteed to cut costs. To get started, all you need is a network of computers; no other support or hardware is required. With simple internet access, these computers can tap into the secure server our company has set up, along with the many other advantages offered, such as easy remote access, HR solutions, billing solutions, and medical billing.

MBS serves businesses across Houston and Harris County, Texas. If you are interested in learning more
about the benefits and savings our secure cloud storage can offer, fill out this convenient contact form!